About IMC


Islam Medical College Campus (IMC) is located 7 km from Sialkot on the historic road to Pasrur and comprises the Islam Medical College, Islam Teaching Hospital (ITH), Faculty & Student’s hostel. Islam Teaching Hospital is the primary teaching affiliate of Islam Medical College along with PESSI Sialkot, Islam Central Hospital located on the commissioner road in the heart of city.

We started Islam Central Hospital to give specialized care in the private sector. It turned out to be a great success. In 2010, we decided to make a medical college. The College commences its activities with the enrollment of 100 students in the 1st batch 2010.Islam Medical College is recognized by the PMDC to intake 150 students annually. Since inception, the college has undergone tremendous development and became a splendid center for learning and development.

We continue to evaluate and improve our program to ensure the best medical education for the students. Our educational strategy is to create a conducive to learning environment and to steer our students to acquire adequate knowledge, skills and temperament to practice medicine and be a competent health care professional group.