Scientific Research Center

Scientific Research Center


1) Develop, monitor and review policies relating to the College’s research activities (research, research training and their management).
2) Guide, monitor, review and endorse the activities of its sub-committees (i.e. Scientific Research Standing Committee, Ethical Review Board and Thesis Examination Committee).
3) Guide the development of the strategic research priorities and objectives and monitor research performance within the framework of the Strategic Planning process.
4) Advise on funding allocations.
5) Provide leadership and advice on mechanisms to improve monitoring, benchmarking and reporting of the College’s research performance.
6) Hold one to two events annually to facilitate the exchange and dissemination of information concerning research and research training issues for the broader research community.
7) Inform and advise the Academic Council on research and research training matters as they arise.


1) The Chairman (Chairman/Principal)
2) Members; a) The Head of Research: Dr. Muhammad Tariq Aftab
b) The Head of Basic Sciences: Dr. Riaz Ahmed
c) The Head of Clinical Sciences: Dr. Eice Muhammad
d) Nominated member(s)


Four times per year/when called by chairman.


Equal to one half (or upper whole number) of the total number of members.