Scientific Research Center
Ethical Review Board

Ethical Review Board

Its two core functions are
i)to review and make recommendations on College’s research ethics policy and procedure.
ii)to take responsibility for making decisions on applications for ethical approval.

Its responsibilities are,

Human Research Ethics Committee:

1) Recognise where advice is required from colleagues and/or call upon experts to assist with advice and review.
2) Provide guidance to the principal investigators where it is considered that the documentation submitted is insufficient.
3) Ensure that risks are minimized both to participants and researchers.
4) Where a principal investigator is uncertain about the ethical implications of a proposal, provide further guidance as to the appropriate type of ethics review required.
5) Take advice from College’s Data protection officer, Data Librarian and Information Security team to ensure that researchers comply with the data protection procedures and legislation.
6) Conduct, on periodic basis, a review of those decisions that were through expedited review.
7) Ensure that there are no conflicts of interest when making decisions.
8) Conduct periodic auditing of ongoing research projects.

Animal Research Ethics Committee:

1) Monitor the acquisition, transport, production, housing, care, use and disposal of animals.
2) Recommend any measures needed to ensure that the standards of the code are maintained.
3) Approve subject to modification, or reject written proposals relevant to the use of animals.
4) Withdraw approval for any projects or authorize the treatment or killing of any animal(s).
5) Maintain a register of approved projects.
6) Examine, comment and advise the SRC on matters concerning animal experimentation.

Its members are,
1) Chairman : The Head of Research; Dr. Muhammad Tariq Aftab
2) Members; a) The Head of Basic Sciences: Dr. Riaz Ahmed
b) The Head of Clinical Sciences: Dr. Eice Muhammad
c) A Lawyer (nominated by chairman)
d) A Sociologist (nominated by chairman)