Scientific Research Center
Scientific Research Standing Committee

Scientific Research Standing Committee

Its responsibilities in concert with and in response to advice from main committee are,
1) Develop, implement, monitor and review policies, guidelines and procedures for establishing, servicing and strengthening the College’s key research objectives and advise faculties on developing and maintaining research performance through the faculty planning process.
2) Advise the Scientific Research Committee in the development of policies and guidelines for the allocation of funds.
3) Allocate research grants and research-related funds within the context of policies determined.
4) Develop, implement and monitor the processes for allocation of monitory assistance and scholarships in concert with the Director of the Research.
5) Review annual reports of research units and of progress/final reports.
6) Review outcomes of Scientific Research Committee funding schemes and performance-based allocations to research units and consequently to provide recommendations to the SRC when a need for substantial changes in policy or procedures is indicated.
It is composed of,
1) Chairman; The Head of Research: Dr. Muhammad Tariq Aftab
2) Secretary: Dr. Fabiya Baber
3) Members; a) The Head of Basic Sciences: Dr. Riaz Ahmed
b) The Head of Clinical Sciences: Dr. Eice Muhammad
c) Invited member(s)