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The City Of Sialkot

The City Of Sialkot

Sialkot is situated in the northern part of the Punjab province in Pakistan. Its lies close to snow covered peaks of Jammu & Kashmir near the river Chenab. Sialkot is located about 100 km north of Lahore and about 330 kms south east of Capital Islamabad.

A cornered city of Pakistan, yet Sialkot is one of the most important city and hub business and industrial activities for a population of 3million people. Most of the population belongs to adjacent small towns and villages. Sialkot is also known as city of IQBAL (being birth place of poet ALLAMA MOHAMMAD IQBAL, who also gave Muslims of subcontinent a vision for a separate country).

Sialkot is well-known for its industries such as sporting goods, leather garments & accessories, knitwear, surgical  & beauty care instruments, musical instruments and several other manufactures with an export up to $1bn.Its has its own Dry port and Sialkot International Airport with longest runway of Pakistan.