Principal Message

Principal Message

Professor Dr Muhammad Saeed

The college, as i foresee it, will be a college in a league of its own. With the vision of the board of directors, the novel approach of our faculty, and your zeal and enthusiasm, i see IMC embarking on an enlightened path of educating physician for the 21st Century.

We at IMC will endeavor to inculcate modern trends in education which would be a blend of the traditional system of learning; knowledge based practical application and through provoking interactive sessions. We will expect students to interact freely with their teachers, so that they are able to understand the philosophy of medicine.

You as a medical student have to shoulder the extraordinary responsibilities of setting the benchmark of academic, professional, and humanitarian excellence, and noble traditions, thereby making yourself a role model for future students of this college.

As medical education compels one to stretch the limits of one’s abilities you may feel overwhelmed, but I am sure you will be able to overcome all hurdles with your great potential for hard work. We at IMC would encourage and support your endeavors in this regards.

Your overall progress will be monitored in collaboration with your parents or guardians. All efforts required to improve student’s performance will be undertaken.

Finally I welcome you in choosing this institution and pray for your success here and in your future life.