The Biochemistry Department is striving to provide a center of excellence that promotes the understanding of the molecular events that underlie normal and pathological functions in medicine and other allied health science. This is achieved by developing a team of highly skilled professionals to transfer such knowledge and education to medical students, physicians, and other allied health personnel, and to educate the general public. The department’s mission is to create an outstanding teaching, training, and research environment in the department for the medical and other allied heath sciences students to make them realize the importance of medical biochemistry as the basis of Medicine and other allied health sciences.  The department ensures the provision of basic knowledge in medical biochemistry using outstanding curriculum methodologies. With the perceptions of integrated teaching for complete understanding of various concepts in medicine, the department also provides students with the latest information about biochemistry. Students are not only trained within the academics but also through the scientific research techniques, laboratory practices and problem-solving methodologies. The students and faculty are encouraged and facilitated to actively participate in clinical research. The final objective of the department is to encourage students towards personal and professional development which may lead them on a path of lifelong learning.