The study of Anatomy is a core component of undergraduate as well as postgraduate medical education. The Anatomy department of Islam Medical College has two major areas of activity: education and research. To fulfill these activities the department has well equipped laboratories. Cadaver dissection is a primary teaching method in the subject of Gross Anatomy, which is accomplished in a fully equipped and spacious air-conditioned Dissection Hall comprising ten dissection stations, a large number of prosected body parts and a mortuary plant for storage of dead bodies. In addition, a Multimedia and an LED has been added in the dissection hall to facilitate teaching/learning.

The Anatomy Museum covers the whole field of the human body; it provides aid in the form of mounted specimens, models: range from various human developmental stages to adult size human torso, skeletons and Models of various organs and systems of the body.

Histology is taught in the Histology Laboratory equipped with state of the art slide projection microscope with Multimedia and LED for explanation of the colored slides of all the tissues of human body, and high quality binocular microscopes for self-study by the students. Students have free access to microscopic slides (Local and imported Carolina slides).