The study of physiology is, in a sense, the study of life. It asks questions about the internal workings of organisms and how they interact with the world around them. Physiology explains how organs and systems within the body work, communicate, and how they integrate with each other to make internal conditions favorable for survival, growth and even to reproduce. Our department plays bridging role between simple understanding of physiological functions and their clinical aspects. We have a very dedicated team of faculty members for keen learners. Our department also has spacious lecture halls for large group discussions, tutorial rooms for small group discussions and state of the art laboratory equipped for basic practical performance and even serve the purpose of understanding research queries. The most relevant arm of physiological research is applied human physiology; this field investigates biological systems at the level of the cell, organ, system, organism, and everywhere in between. Researchers in the field of physiology can focus on anything from microscopic organelles in cell up to more wide-ranging topics, such as Sports, exercise, evolution and defense.