Forensic Medicine

Forensic medicine and toxicology is one of the most interesting field of Medicine by providing cure to the suffering and crying souls, it tells the tales of the dead and reveals the truth. Whole knowledge of medicine is exercised in providing a fundamental tool to the execution of law for keeping peace and order in a society.

Forensic Medicine plays a pivotal role in crime analysis and identification of criminals. It encompasses a vast variety of medical knowledge and its application like anatomy, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology, surgery, radiology, obstetrics and gynecology in providing evidence in criminal justice.

It has developed its own systematic methods of investigation through autopsy and exhumation, identification, laboratory techniques for   poison analysis to determine cause of death, manner of injury, weapon of assault and so on. Forensic medicine is a major factor in identification of victims of disaster like landslide or plane crash. Forensic Psychiatry is used to determine the mental health of an individual and his blameworthiness.

These all tool are kept in mind objectively in training of our students and designing the laboratory, museum for future five stars medical graduates.